every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala
every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala
امیری حسین(ع) و نعم الامیر
دوشنبه 23 شهریور 1394
In the name of Hussain's GOD

Greetings be upon Husayn, and upon ‘Ali the son of Husayn and upon the children of Husayn and upon the companions of Husayn.

أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَیْكَ یَا أَبَا عَبْدِ اللّٰهِ 
وَعَلىٰ الأَرْوَاحِ الَّتِی حَلَّتْ بِفِنَآئِكَ، 
عَلَیْكَ مِنِّی سَلاَمُ اللّٰهِ أَبَداً مَا بَقِیتُ وَبَقِیَ اللَّیْلُ وَالنَّهَارُ، 
وَلاَ جَعَلَهُ اللّٰهُ آخِرَ الْعَهْدِ مِنِّی لِزِیَارَتِكُمْ، 
أَلسَّلاَمُ عَلىٰ الْـحُسَیْنِ، 
وَعَلىٰ عَلِیِّ بْنِ الْـحُسَیْنِ، 
وَعَلىٰ أَوْلاَدِ الْـحُسَیْنِ، 
وَعَلىٰ أَصْحَابِ الْـحُسَیْنِ.

Peace be upon you O’ Aba ‘Abdillah
and upon the souls which were annihilated with you.
 Upon you, from me, is the peace of Allah for eternity, as long as the night and the day remain
 and please do not make this (Ziyarat) as my last contact with you.
Greetings be upon Husayn,
and upon ‘Ali the son of Husayn
and upon the children of Husayn
and upon the companions of Husayn.
(a piece of Ziyarat Ashura)

every day is Ashura,
 every land is Karbala

it means :
In every day and in every land
we will follow the teachings of Imam Hussien (as) [1]
If people would understand this meaning
 and observe it in every land they stay in and every day they live -
the right of Islam 
for which Imam al-Husayn (a.s.) was martyred,
 would be met! [2]

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جمعه 10 دی 1395
Oh ! Ashura
Oh ! Karbala
I miss you

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جمعه 14 آبان 1395
this is the glad tidings that allah gives to his worshipers, who believe and do good works.
say: 'for this i ask you no wage except the love of the (prophet's) relatives.
we will add good to whosoever gains a good deed. allah is the forgiving and the thanker. '
Quran - ASH-SHURA - 23

I can not find out !
how ? how they paid you?

After the martyrdom of the Imam and his followers in Karbala, the cruel enemy took her family into captivity and moved them to Sham (Damascus).
A ruined place was now their home. It was the night of Safar 5th, 61 A.H. Ruqayyah cried a lot, for she had really missed her father and wished to see him as if she hadn’t believed his martyrdom.
The stone-hearted Yazid ordered to take her father’s head to the ruins. When Ruqayyah saw her father’s head, she hugged it and cried a lot and spoke to him. She said all that had happened to them by cruelty of the enemy to her kind father. Then the innocent young girl passed away beside her father’s head!!!

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Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) - who created a heroic event after Ashura

Roghayyeh In Ashura

Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) is the daughter of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and one of the witnesses of Karbala tragedy who created a heroic event like other members of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) with her martyrdom-like death. The name of her holiness that is in fact her title is derived from 'Raqi" meaning ascending and improving and her real name was Fatimah. The names 'Fatimah' and 'Ali' have special meanings for Imam Hussein (A.S.). The historical books have referred to this fact that among children of Imam Hussein (A.S.) there was a little girl named as Fatimah, and since Imam Hussein (A.S.) loved his respected mother very much, he put the name of Fatimah on every daughter ever born. Similarly he named all his sons Ali as the sign of respect to his exalted father, Imam Ali (A.S.).

Her Mother
The name of Hazrat Ruqayyah's mother (A.S.) was Um-i-Ishaq who was a great and virtuous woman.

The Age of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.)
The age of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) at the time of martyrdom has been recorded as three, four, five, and seven according to different narrations.

hazrat roghayyeh in ashura

Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) in Ashura
The presence of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) in the event of Asura manifests another aspect of grandeur and magnificence of Asura tragedy. The presence of this little girl in the very heart of Husseini bloody movement, definitely, cannot be considered a simple and insignificant thing.
According to the historians and maqtal-recorders, the death of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) happened very short after the bloody event of Karbala in 61 A.D. when she was three or four years old, and the first wonderful point about Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) is likely the fact that she transcended the boundaries of the history despite her short life to attain the eternality just as his suckling baby brother, Ali Asghar (A.S.) attained such a position. In another word, one of the manifestations of the great event of Asura is the diversity in the ages of its characters that includes the youngest to the oldest ages (Habib ebn-i-Mazaher).
The calamities and difficulties inflicted on Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) from Karbala to Kufa and from Kufa to Sham are so bitter and terrible that bothers the conscious of any man of salvation and liberty and really harms the hearts and souls. Suffering the hot temperature of Karbala while being thirsty, presence at the scene of her relatives' martyrdom, slavery and observing tyrannical behaviors, suffering physical and mental tortures, missing the father in the ruins of Sham, and so on indicate the sever misfortunes that a little child with her delicate body and mind has been afflicted with.
It is quoted in some traditions that Hazrat Sakineh (A.S.) said to her three-year old sister-most likely Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) –in Ashura: "Let's grasp at father's garment not let him go to be killed."
Hearing this, Imam Hussein (A.S.) shed tear a lot and then Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) called, "Daddy, I wo'nt hinder you."
Wait so that I may see you.
Imam Hussein (A.S.) embraced her and kissed her chapped lips. At this time the beloved daughter said: "Al-atash, al-atash, daddy I am thirsty. My liver is burning with thirst."
Imam Hussein (A.S.) told her: "Sit beside the tent so that I take water for you."
Then Imam Hussein (A.S.) stood up to go to the battle field. Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) again grabbed the skirt of her father and cried: "Daddy, where are you going? Why are you leaving us?"
And Imam (A.S.) once again took her in his arms and calmed her down; then he left her with a heavy heart.

Martyrdom and Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.)
After the Ashura event, the enemy enslaved all those who have been survived. Among the captives there was a little girl. This little girl was Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.). Now after her father's martyrdom, Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.), Imam Hussein's (A.S.) daughter, was heading to Sham along with her aunt, Zeinab (A.S.) and other captives.
From inside of the ruins of Sham, the voice of a child could be heard. All the captives knew that it was Ruqayyah's voice.
Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) had woken up and was looking for her father; it seemed she had dreamed of her father. Then Yazid ordered to show the cut head of Imam Hussein (A.S.) to Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.). Upon seeing the head of his father, Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.) threw herself crying on the cut head and there she passed away.
The holy shrine of Hazrat Ruqayyah (A.S.), Imam Hussein's (A.S.) daughter, is located in Sham near 'Al-Faradis' door inside the historical and crowded alleys of Damascus and attracts every year a large number of lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.) from different parts of the world.

Visitors commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Ruqaya (AS), daughter of Imam Hussein (AS)

Visitors commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Ruqaya (AS), daughter of Imam Hussein (AS)

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Why did imam Hussain rise up on Ashura? why Ashura happened?

Imam Hussain (PBUH) explained his revolutionary goal as a will which he wrote to his brother, Muhammad bin Al-Hanifiah. The text in the above image is a part of Imam Hussain’s will:

“I did not rise up for the cause of wickedness, amusement, corruption or oppression, but I rose up to reform the Muslim community of my grandfather [Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)]. I want to promote virtue and prevent vice.”

Ref.: Bihar Al-Anvar: V.44, P. 329.

why Ashura happened?

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 ashuraaa.wordpress.com writes on its new post:

A quote by Imam Hussain (PBUH) about accepting apologies

“If someone vilifies me in my right ear and then apologizes for it in my left ear, I will surely accept his apology because I heard Imam Ali (PBUH) narrate a saying from my grandfather, the Prophet of God, that

The one who does not accept apologies, whether the apology is true or not, will not pass the pond of al-Kawthar.”

Ref. : Ehqaq Al-Haq: V. 11, P.431; Mizan Al-Hekmah: V. 1, P. 330

click on image to see enlarge

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یکشنبه 1 آذر 1394

Imam Hasan Al-Askari (PBUH) who is from the descendant of Imam Hussain and the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said:

“The signs of a believer are five:

1.Performing 51 units of prayer [1] [of which 17 units are the obligatory prayers and 34 units are the recommended prayers per day]
2. Pilgrimage of Imam Hussain (PBUH) on Arbaeen [the 40th day following Ashura],
3. Wearing a ring on the right hand,
4. Placing the forehead on the earth [during Sajdah in the prayer];
5. Saying “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” [which means “In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful”] aloud during the prayer “[2]


[1]  Each prayer or Salat in Islam consists of  individual units called Rakat. Each Rakat is very similar to each other except some minor details.

[2] References: Tahzib Al-Ahkam: V.6 , P.52;  Mesbah Al-mojtahid: p.73

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یکشنبه 1 آذر 1394
when is Arbaeen 2015  ?

The largest gathering in the world

The biggest annual gathering

Longest continuous dining table

Largest number of people fed for free

Largest group of volunteers serving a single event

December 2th 2015

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Karbala getting prepared to host millions of pilgrims on Arbaeen

The Astan (custodianship) of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) in Karbala, Iraq, said preparations are being made for hosting millions of pilgrims on the upcoming occasion of Arbaeen.

According to the website of the Astan, an integrated plan has been underway for ensuring security and arranging the necessary services for the pilgrims. 

Every year a large number of pilgrims converge on the holy city of Karbala on the day of Arbaeen.

In the past two years, the number was estimated to be more than 20 million.

Arbaeen marks the anniversary of the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions in the Battle of Karbala in the year 61 after Hijra (680 AD).

On this day, Shia Muslims all over the world mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions.

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شنبه 30 آبان 1394

When is Arbaeen 2015 ?

The Arbaeen ceremony is the largest peaceful gatherings in the world that is annually occurs 40 days after the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain (PBUH), and his companions on the day of Ashura.

The day of Arbaeen is the 40th day following Ashura and in the year of 2015, This year, Arbaeen falls on Wednesday, December 2.

 ashuraaa.wordpress.com writes :
In the last year, I was only a virtual visitor of Arbaeen epic, sitting behind my laptop and insert some photos of Imam Hussain’s pilgrims into my blog and so on, but this year I’m going to be among  millions of pilgrims on the way to Karbala despite what I heard about the ISIL terrorist group.

Actually when I searched about ISIL and found that these fake Muslims cut men’s heads and sale their women as sex slaves, I decided not to travel to Karbala for Arbaeen as a girl but I thought: if you wish you would be on the day of Ashura in karbala helping the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, this time is the exact time to help. Arbaeen is the time we can introduce Hussain to the world by gathering more and more in Karbala and thus we can help the reappearance of Imam Mahdi by that as Imam Mahdi will introduce himself to the world by Imam Hussain (PBUH).

Moreover, when you really loved someone, it does not matter you were in dangers. Walking on Arbaeen toward the holy shrine of Imam Hussain is a way to show our love to Imam Hussain and his descendant, Imam Mahdi. Arbaeen is also a way to memorize how much difficulties Zainab and Hussain’s children tolerate as they were captive toward Karbala, So I tried to overcome my fear and “rely on God, he suffices as trustee” [33:3]

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